Katie Jennings - Chief Executive Officer

I am the CEO at the Hive and my role is to work with our fantastic staff team to lead development of the Hive's artistic policy, create imaginative projects for people in challenging circumstances and offer a diverse programme at our venue.

Ellen Green - Venue manager

I am the Venue Manager at the Hive and my role is to liaise with our regular, new and one off hirers of the centre.

Emma Croall - Programmes & Projects Manager

I am one of the Programmes & Projects Manager at the Hive, my role is to make great stuff happen. From initial concept of an idea to building that into something deliverable; helped along the way by funders, freelance workshop leaders, charitable partner organisations, colleagues and of course those who participate and often ask for more.

Sal Hampson - Programmes & Projects Manager

I am one of the Programmes & Projects Manager at the Hive, my role is to work with partners to develop and deliver our fantastic range of projects to engage young people in creative and musical experiences.

Olivia Hames - Events & Finance Assistant

I am the Events and Finance Assistant at the Hive and joined the organisation as an intern in September 2016

Daniel Lloyd - Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer

I am the Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer at the Hive and my job involves monitoring and updating the social media pages, designing posters and brochures, keeping the website regularly updated and engaging with our many supporters and clients.

Sue Salmon - Finance Administrator

I am the Finance Administrator at the Hive and have been working here since 2014 having worked in the Public, Private and Charity sectors.

Meet the Board of Trustees 

Peter Pack (Chair)

Peter is the treasurer of the Shrewsbury Film Society, which he helped to found in 2011. He works as an Assistant headteacher at Adams’ Grammar School in Newport. Between 2007 and 2011 he chaired the global board of Amnesty International. Peter has lived in Shrewsbury for 15 years.

Mike Griffiths

Mike was Head of Art and Design at The Wakeman School in Shrewsbury town centre between 1983 and 2013. He has always looked for opportunities in and around the town to enhance the arts curriculum. Mike worked closely with the Hive to provide numerous opportunities for pupils at Wakeman School and is committed to providing high quality and inclusive arts experiences in Shropshire.

Ivan Cross

Ivan has spent most of his career in the corporate sector as a sales, marketing and commercial strategy professional working with consumer goods companies. He has been involved as a volunteer in charities throughout his life and spent 10 months volunteering at the Hive in 2016/17 supporting marketing and events. He currently works for Ambition School Leadership which is a charity looking to improve the leadership capabilities in head teachers and teachers who work in under performing schools across the UK, supporting the government's ambition to improve education opportunities for all.

Jamila Walker

Jamila Walker is a fine artist, her practice also involves working on community, heritage and arts for health delivering and managing projects across the Midlands. Jamila has run a club night for the charity Taking Part at the Hive for two years. Jamila has lived in Shrewsbury for ten years.

Kevin Cody

Kevin moved to Shrewsbury in 2017 to take up his current position as practice manager for Fyrnwy Equine Group in Baschurch. Before this he worked in the youth charity sector for 8 years in both Cardiff at the Prince's Trust and Brighton for the Tarner Community Project and is a qualified youth worker. Kevin was also the chair of governors for a special educational needs school and for an LGBTQ charity in Berkshire.

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