MYCollege works creatively to boost confidence, encourage connection and to get 16–30-year-olds believing that “they can”. Specifically for people experiencing some sort of transitionary challenges in life, for example: care leavers, NEETs, young adult carers, mental health service users, LGBT+, and rurally isolated.

Below is a list of workshops we have coming up.
Art Club
Weekly in-person workshops at The Hive, delivered by Hive Artists

These arts and crafts sessions are delivered in a supportive atmosphere for people of all abilities, experimenting with different techniques and styles of working, and examining the artwork of other artists. Participants will explore the current gallery exhibition, and there will be opportunities to learn from guest artists joining the sessions.

Music Club
Weekly in-person workshops at The Hive, delivered by Hive Artists

These are for individuals who have a degree of musical interest, experience, or ability – participants will be encouraged to expand on their skills through working together, on singing, song-writing, recording, and performance, and to try new things such as music production, tech and programming.

The Fire Inside: Group sessions exploring next steps and empowering you to move forward
Four in-person workshops at The Hive, followed by 1-2-1’s and group momentum sessions.

Designed around broad themes, this short series of compulsory workshops seeks to encourage participants to consider their future plans – what they would like to do and what is getting in the way of them achieving that. Focussed on building rapport, finding common ground, self-awareness, vision and planning, celebration, and next steps.

Interested? Want to know more? Get in touch for a chat, or to come and have a look round. Access by referral.