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The Hive has a gallery space at the heart of its venue, with comfortable seating so you can sit back, relax with a coffee and enjoy fantastic artwork.
Black History Month - EXHIBITION OPEN CALL

Do you have an important story to share?

We are seeking submissions from artists and community groups to exhibit in our gallery space this October 2024 as part of Black History Month. If you have something that you’d like to shine a light on for the benefit of our local community then we’d love to hear from you. We want to offer our gallery space for free, with the aim of educating and engaging as many people as we can. Get in touch with us to start a discussion on

15th March – 16th April 2024 by Ming de Nasty

Shrewsbury LGBT+ History Festival Special Exhibition

The exhibition is a curated selection of new portraits by Ming de Nasty, photographs collected from participants and accompanying texts drawn from people’s memories during participatory workshops.  Made during 2023, with a group of LGBT+ older residents of Shropshire, the pictures reflect on age, identity, rights, and representation within a community that have lived and experienced radical change.  They serve as prompts to how we must continually consider care, social justice, and the politics of recent history and now.

Commissioned by GRAIN Projects in partnership with SAND, and generously supported by Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

All welcome to the free launch night on Friday 16th March at 6pm. No booking necessary.

The Hive Legacy: Connecting Communities Creatively
20th April - 18th June 2024 by The Hive Cultural Investigators

A unique heritage exhibition designed by our Young Curators team – The Hive Cultural Investigators! Exploring a range of art forms & featuring people from the past & present who have benefited from engaging with our building over the decades. This exhibition is part of a Hive Wellbeing Project made possible through the generous funding from Arts Council England.

All welcome to the free launch day on Saturday 20th April, 3 – 6pm. No booking necessary.

Representations of Time
2nd July - 30th August Group Photography Exhibition

Shrewsbury Arts Trail Special Exhibition

In one sense, all photographs capture a moment in time, but beyond that how do we represent time in a photograph? How do we convey the past, the present, the future, the passage or the ripeness of time?

Visibly Mending
11th Sept - 11th Oct by Katie Davies

The Visibly Mending Project is an exploration of scars and healing as told through the medium of mended textiles and ceramics. Each piece is based on an interview with a participant with significant scarring and their images are depicted via a range of mending techniques including sashiko, darning and kintsugi.

All welcome to the free launch night on Friday 13th September at 6pm. No booking necessary.

Interested in exhibiting in our gallery space?

Our gallery is a versatile space for exhibiting various types of work, including canvas, framed art, sculpture and digital artwork on a monitor. Drop us a line in the form to enquire about hiring our gallery space for an exhibition.

Alternatively call us on: 01743 234970