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The Hive has a gallery space at the heart of its venue, with comfortable seating so you can sit back, relax with a coffee and enjoy fantastic artwork.
Almost Happy
by Grace Currie, 6th - 30th May 2022

A mix of finished painting and ceramic pieces together with work-in- progress that reflect the fleeting nature of happiness and ‘feeling normal’ from an unusual young West Midlands artist who suffered a severe brain injury several years ago. Her powerful large-scale paintings and colourful self-portraits express an anarchic, sometimes dark, or humorous vision to surprise the viewer, and reflect on her experiences to critique the authority of the Mental Capacity Act.

All welcome to the free Launch Night on Friday 6th May 2022, 5.30pm. No booking necessary.

by Oliver Bliss, 3rd – 30th June 2022

The series of portrait tapestries explore notions of masculinity, focused on male tattoo, and facial and body art from Instagram as a starting point. The pieces explore how and why we generate images of ourselves and promote ourselves on social media, aiming to celebrate and question how online sub-cultures have developed through hashtags to create global communities. Why do we seek validation from each other? Why are we democratically selecting new heroes through likes and heart emojis? How will we all be viewed in history? What will our ancestors say about how spent our time scrolling through our phones, clicking on these images?

All welcome to the free Launch Night on Friday 3rd June 2022, 6pm. No booking necessary.

The Weather Report
by Jill Impey, 8th July – 2nd August 2022

For this exhibition, artist Jill Impey curates a creative space in which to show the film she completed in 2021 – a powerful and moving record of the thoughts and voices of women from coastal, immigrant and creative communities (in England in 2021 and New Zealand in 2019). Impey made the recordings after small group local workshops, and the participants engaged with the artist’s creative processes that facilitated reflection on their relationships with heritage. They explored feelings about the weather, the sea, immigration, colonisation, notions of connection and what it means to be a good ancestor. The Weather Report, exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to take inspiration from the film and engage with the artist’s creative process, of gathering and sharing wisdom and understanding, through a range of materials including postcard making, and finding new ways of connecting.

All welcome to the free Launch Night on Friday 8th July 2022, 6pm. No booking necessary.

Shrewsbury Colleges Group Student Show
5th – 26th August 2022

An eclectic and exciting showcase of some of the best art and design works crafted by students from the Shrewsbury College Group. Showcasing pieces crafted throughout the past year with notable selections by the department heads. These are the artists of the future, and they are right on our doorstep!

All welcome to the free Launch Night on Friday 5th August 2022, 6pm. No booking necessary.

Alternative Spaces: Paintings, Prints & Constructions
John Wragg, 2nd – 28th September

This retrospective exhibition spans 25 years from 1977 to the present day, exploring John Wragg’s fascination by space in all it’s manifestations. These often bright and multi-coloured artworks are geometrical and abstract, though sometimes combined with representational references. Shadows, mirrors, reflections, light, perspective, geometry and higher dimensions all contribute towards his sources of ideas, and play with the spatial characteristics of the image to confront and challenge the viewer to see beyond the everyday. Through a complimentary colour palette, luminous glazes and a wide-range of mixed materials, he reveals new spaces and known spaces in a completely mind-bending way.

All welcome to the free Launch Night on Friday 2nd September 2022, 6pm. No booking necessary.

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