This exciting new project will work with local young people to nurture talent and provide opportunities within the music industry, providing support from freelancers to develop skills and confidence.  Suitable for those who have broad ambitions and interests including; sound engineering; producing, marketing, and performing. No previous experience needed. This project is for 13 – 25 year olds.

Below is a list of the types of workshops and support the project provides.
Music Workshops
Beginning in March 2024, workshops will roughly happen at The Hive every other month in the evening or at weekends.

Join two experienced musicians who regularly perform on the local Shropshire music scene. Come and explore performance for the first time or learn to develop your expertise if you are already an emerging artist who would benefit from learning from established musicians. You can do this on your own or with your mates alongside working with other young people to build confidence and drive as you share your musical creativity with the world!

Bring an instrument with you if you have one, or just the enthusiasm to try something new. You might want to write your first song or learn how to cover one of your favourite tracks. We are open to hearing new music whether it’s death metal or grime, and welcome all tastes.  This project gives you a place to share your passion.

Music Mentoring
Beginning in April 2024, workshops will roughly happen at The Hive every third month.

Join three experienced mentors who each have years of industry knowledge in a range of music and events related careers. These workshops are open to anyone who is curious about working in music or performance, whether you want to be centre stage or running things behind the scenes. Come and learn about sound, programming, marketing, lighting, teaching, producing, and everything in between. These practical workshops will be a one stop shop for you to gain all types of knowledge that you might not get from traditional education.

Whether you are thinking of studying music at school or already working but want to try switching to a creative career, use these workshops to help you make your decision and begin your artistic adventure!

Exciting Opportunities…

We have a budget for you to choose artists you would like to see perform at The Hive and to put gigs on that you think should be happening on the local music circuit. There will also be opportunities to volunteer and gain exclusive work experience at a range of Shrewsbury based performance venues, festivals and events. In addition to this we can offer free rehearsal space for you or your band to practise in our music studio. Tell us what we can do to help you achieve your ambitions, no matter the size!

Practice your music for FREE

If you’re 13-25 and want to practice your music in our studio, you can do so for FREE during the day thanks to our Amplify project. Get in touch with us in person, on the phone or via email to book:

Interested? Want to know more? Get in touch for a chat, or to come and have a look round. Access by referral.