The Little EP Project

Welcome to The Hive’s Little EP project. By following the workshops and activities below, you’ll be able to develop your musical skills and learn how to produce your own EP from start to finish. Below are all the videos for this project and remember to check out the worksheets that go with the videos. Click the button below to download the worksheets.

Introduction to the Project

In these videos we get welcomed to the project and introduced to the audio editing software, Garageband

Session 1 (Gathering Ideas)

In session one we learn how to gather ideas to write our own song, plus how learning a cover song can help us with this process.

Session 2 (Songwriting)

In these sessions we learn what we need to know about writing our own song. From writing our own lyrics to creating the chords for the song.

Session 3 (Recording)

Now that we’ve written our song and chords, we’re going to record it. In these sessions we’ll learn how we can go about doing this.

Session 4 (Visual Media)

In the final sessions we’re going to learn how to create album cover artwork and a music video for the songs we’ve written.