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Explore The Hive's history below with our alumni stories
Sarah Evans

Sarah is our current Lead Projects and Programmes Manager. Her background is in Illustration, having studied at Cardiff University. Following this, Sarah worked as a Junior Graphics Designer at a textile printers, ending up as a Production Manager. Wanting a career change, Sarah started volunteering in Youth Justice and held a first Trustee position. She then got her first job in charity as an Enterprise Co-ordinator, helping young people start businesses and explore self employment. Sarah has now been working for the Hive since 2022 and also coaches the local roller derby team.






Amy Smith

Our Youth Engagement Lead and Projects Assistant studied Art and Design at college and continued on to a Jewellery and Silversmithing degree at Birmingham City University. Amy then worked as a self-employed jewellery designer, exhibiting and selling her work across the UK. After a break to travel, Amy then worked as a production assistant for a local jewellery designer/maker. After having a daughter, Amy trained as a teaching assistant and worked at a local primary school, running the after-school arts & crafts clubs. After forest school training, Amy then incorporated these skills into her work with children. In 2022, Amy began working at The Hive as a part-time admin assistant and Project Assistant at Redwoods Adult Mental Health Centre, facilitating workshops on the wards with patients. Amy has recently taken on the role of Youth Engagement at The Hive and also facilitates workshops with young people.

Greg Brook

Back in 2008/2009 I took part in a workshop called “Changing Tracks” which was to get children to open up about certain things in their lives that may have been troubling them or a way for people to express themselves through music.

In time we would learn an instrument which were the taiko drums, and even got to play in front of a teacher’s conference.

I also took part in other projects that were related to creating music such as B-Sound (don’t quote me on that one with the name as I’m not sure that was exactly what it was called).

I was able to volunteer at some of their live gigs and help in certain areas of the venue.

Over the years I was able to take part in quite a few different music-related workshops and at the time this ignited my love for media, which I did end up studying in college between 2009-2012.

Heather Hughes

I just wanted to tell you a story about my daughter Heather. Heather and I have actually been involved in music activities at The Hive since we moved to Shrewsbury in 2016 (Ellen and Sal might remember her!) She started on the Connect Create project for Armed Forces kids and then the Musical Communities, which I think SMS helped run. Through that she met Jonny and Meldra from the SongLab who took her on their MAS Artists development course when she was 16 – she used to go through the Brum twice a month. On the back of that, she got a place at Bath Spa uni to do Commercial Music and will graduate next month, and released her first single on Spotify last month . A real Hive success story I would say! She’s moving back to Shrewsbury in a few weeks and would like to get involved in the Hive again.



Keith Riley

70s & 80s – can tell us the History of Belmont. Keith was a district Youth officer (energetic, thoughtful and well-loved). He helped set up Brooke House Hostel, and was at Belmont Youth Centre from 1968-1972, when he went to develop Sundorne Youth Centre and Games Hall (which were new). His job title was Area Officer so was responsible for youth provision in Shrewsbury & Atcham.

Becky Kerwin

A teacher at Meole Brace, Becky used to attend the Drama club at Belmont. That would have been in the 90’s.  Becky taught for Shropshire Youth Theatre for a few years and was always remembering her time at Belmont Drama.




Sophie Piggott

Involved in Shropshire Youth Theatre and some kind of volunteering project.

Julie Dickinson

Julie was a part-time youth worker through the 1980’s at the centre.


Peter Hull

Peter used to attend the satellite provision we set up, and cycled to Holland in 1986.


Margaret Elliott

Margaret was a part-time colleague when we ran the Ask Here service. She worked for us at SCAT and was a brilliant advice worker. Margaret is now retired.

Helena Williams

Trained here as a youth worker with ShYAN and now managing the team here.